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d A. Scott Connelly is an American Doctor of Medicine and author of the book Body Rx: Dr. Scott Connelly's 6-Pack Prescription. However Connelly is incorrectly known as the creator of MET-Rx, one of the world's best selling dietary supplements. Harvard says he was there only as a post-grad "special student" in the 1973-74 academic year. He got his Doctor of Medicine in anesthesia from Boston University School of Medicine in 1978, did a one-year Stanford fellowship in 1981 and was in private practice in anesthesiology in the Palo Alto area in the 1980s. Stanford says he was an unpaid "clinical instructor," meaning that he taught once a month in exchange for treating patients there. But the university said he was never part of the full-time faculty. The Truth Behind MET-RX In 1995 the National Council Against Consumer Health Fraud contacted MET-Rx and requested data that supported the marketing claims for its products. The "MET-Rx Substantiation Report" was provided, dated October 1993, that associated the product with the well respected Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas.

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