Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi Military Commander

Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi (died 732; Arabic: عبد الرحمن الغافقي‎), also known as Abd er Rahman, Abdderrahman, Abderame, and Abd el-Rahman, led the Andalusian Muslims into battle against the forces of Charles Martel in the Battle of Tours on October 10, 732 AD. for which he is primarily remembered in the West. His full name was Abu Said Abdul Rahman ibn Abdullah ibn Bishr ibn Al Sarem Al 'Aki Al Ghafiqi. From the Yemeni tribe of Ghafiq, he relocated to Ifriqiya (now Tunisia), then to the stretch of the Maghreb that is now Morocco, where he became acquainted with Musa Ibn Nusair and his son Abdul Aziz, the governors of Al-Andalus. After Al Samh ibn Malik was killed at the Battle of Toulouse in 721 (102 A.H.) by the forces of Duke Odo of Aquitaine, Abdul Rahman took over the command of Eastern Andalus. He was briefly relieved of his command, when 'Anbasa ibn Suhaym Al-Kalbi was appointed in 721 (103 AH). After 'Anbasa was killed in battle in 726 (107 AH) in Gaul, several successive commanders were put in place, none of whom lasted very long. In 730 (112 AH) the Caliph Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik appointed Abdul Rahman as emir (governor/commander) of Al Andalus.

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