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Abdul samad siddiqui

Abdul Samad Siddiqui is a prominent educator and former Member of parliament (Rajya Sabha) from Hyderabad - Karnataka region from 1988 till 1994 (Complete term of 6 years) and a leading political figure in the region representing the minorities. In Raichur, karnataka he is considered a prominent educator, who has contributed towards the education of the underprivileged of society and minorities with various educational institutes and programs. He is famous for success running educational institutions in the community, which have been of great benefit to the community of Raichur. Abdul Samad Siddiqui started his political journey with Janata Party which later merged to form Janata Dal a prominent National Party during the 90's. He served as the National General Secretary of the Janata Dal. After the Split in the Janata Dal he co-founded the Lok Shakti which once was a prominent State Party in Karnataka, with Ramakrishna Hegde (Former Union Commerce Minister and Karnataka Chief minister) and many prominent Janata Dal leaders. Samad Siddiqui served as the National Vice-President of Lok Shakti from its inception.

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Place of birth
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Raichur , India
pop. 207,421 (2001)


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