Abdul W. Haqiqi

Abdul Wassay Haqiqi (born 1945) is an Afghan American economist and coauthor of a number of published and cited works concerning Islamic banking accounting standards. Haqiqi was born in Laghman, Afghanistan. He went to Habibia High School in Kabul and studied two years at Kabul University. He received a merit scholarship to study at the United States from the East-West Center headquartered in Hawaii where he pursued his undergraduate studies at the University of Hawaii. After receiving his bachelor's degree, he was granted a fellowship at the University of Vermont where he was awarded a master's degree in economics. Haqiqi is fluent in four languages (Pashto, Persian, English, Urdu). Upon completing his studies in the United States, Haqiqi served in Afghan government positions including senior adviser to Mohammad Daoud Khan's Vice President and assumed the role of the President of State-Owned Enterprises in the Ministry of Finance. However, after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, he along with many other Afghans at that juncture, migrated to the United States.

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