Abdullahi dan Fodio

Abdullahi dan Fodio (ca. 1766–1828), Sultan of Gwandu (1819–1828), was a scholar and brother of Usman dan Fodio (1754–1817). Usman, being more of a scholar than politician, delegated the practical regency of the western part of his empire to Abdullahi, who later became the Emir of Gwandu, and the eastern part to his son Muhammad Bello. The title of sultan was passed on to Bello. 1815. Abdullahi was also a writer like his brother; he wrote a voluminous book on the Fulani Jihad, supplementing his brother's works on the same subject. After, the ascension of his nephew as Sultan, Abdullahi became partly detached from secular leadership, forgoing the post of Vizier or Waziri but he still maintained his position as emir. In a nutshell one can without contradiction say that malam Abdullahi as he was widely known was a devoted teacher, warrior, astute politician, administrator and prolific writer. Shiekh Abdullahi lived life in accordance to the dictates of his religion, this belief was introduced to him by his elder brother Shehu usman dan fudiye (fodio) early in life. Both were of same parental background, though their history is inter-twined Usman senior's Abdullahi by twelve years.

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Date of birth
Date of death
1828 at age of 62


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