Abraham Pandithar Physician

Rao Sahib Abraham Pandithar (Tamil: ஆபிரகாம் பண்டிதர், August 2, 1859 - August 31, 1919) was a Tamil musicologist and a traditional medicine practitioner from Madras Presidency, British India. Abraham Pandithar was born in Sambavar Vadakarai in Tirunelveli district to Muthusamy and Annammal. He studied at the CVES Normal Teachers Training School at Dindigal and in 1876, became a teacher in the same college. He belonged to a family of doctors and became interested in Siddha medicine. In 1879, he went to Suruli hills to research herbs growing there. There he met the Siddhar Karunandhar and became his student. After completing his studies he went to Tanjore and worked as a Tamil teacher in Lady Napier Girls School. His wife Gnanavadivu Ponnammal was the headmistress in the same school. In 1890, he left his teaching job to do research on medicine full time. He started a farm outside Tanjore for growing medicinal plants. He named it Karanandhapuram after his teacher. It was called as Pandithar thottam (Pandithar's farm) by the locals. He also started a clinic - the Karunanidhi Medical Hall at his residence in Tanjore. In 1909, the colonial government awarded him the "Rao Sahib" title.

Personal details

Date of birth
August 2nd, 1859
Place of birth
Tirunelveli district
Date of death
August 31st, 1919 at age of 60


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