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Adam Jarzębski (b. Warka, c. 1590; d. Warsaw, c. 1648) was an early baroque Polish composer, violinist, poet, and writer. The first documented mention of Jarzębski was in 1612, when he became a member of the chapel of Johann Siegmund Hohenzollern in Berlin. After he had stayed in Italy for a year (1615 - 16), he became a member of the royal musical establishment - first at the court of Sigismund III Vasa and then of Władysław IV. He was held in great esteem by the royal court and very popular among the members of the patriciate of Warsaw. In 1635 he managed the construction of the royal palace at Ujazdów. In 1643 he published a literary work "Gościniec, albo krótkie opisanie Warszawy" (A Present, or a Short Description of Warsaw) describing the customs and the musical life of the town. He died in Warsaw in 1649. He was an outstanding figure in the history of the Polish culture of the 17th century. He composed mainly instrumental music. "Canzoni é Concerti" (27 works) is the first major collection of Polish compositions for instrumental ensembles (2-, 3-, 4- part and basso continuo).

Personal details

Date of birth
Place of birth
Date of death
1649 at age of 59
Place of death
Warsaw, United States of America

Music albums

Album title Release date Release type Recording type Recording length Additional artists Contributors
Canzoni e concerti a due, tre e quattro voci cum basso continuo (violin: Lucy van Dael)
1996 Album


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