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Adam Khoo Yean Ann (traditional Chinese: 邱緣安; simplified Chinese: 邱缘安; pinyin: Qiu Yuan An) (born April 8, 1974) is a Singaporean motivational speaker, entrepreneur and author Adam Khoo is well known for his motivational speaker career. As a practitioner, he has many sources of income. In one of his main source of income, he partners trainers to conduct previews to attract sign ups for trading courses. He is the author of many books, includingI Am Gifted, So Are You! (first published by Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-981-232-427-6).

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Date of birth
April 8th, 1974
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1. National University of Singapore Colleges/University

The National University of Singapore (Abbreviation: NUS; Malay: Universiti Kebangsaan Singapura; Jawi script: اونيۏرسيتي كبڠسأن سيڠاڤورا; Chinese: 新加坡国立大学; pinyin: Xīnjiāpō Guólì Dàxué; Abbreviated 国大; Tamil: சிங்கப்பூர் தேசியப் பல்கலைக்கழகம், Ciṅkappūr Tēciyap Palkalaikkaḻakam ) is Singapore's oldest university. It is the largest university in the country in terms of student enrollment and curriculum offered.

Type Research
2013. 2.58 bil. $
2010. 1.69 bil. $
Institution colors
21 Lower Kent Ridge Road, 119077 - Singapore, Singapore
2013. 27,391
2011. 26,742
2013. 10,061
2011. 10,562
Local tuition
2013. 35.8 K $
2011. 35.4 K $
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Institution social analysis

Notable alumni by career
Notable alumni by gender

People attended National University of Singapore connected by profession and/or age

b. 1976., Politician
b. 1970., Politician
b. 1977., Dramatist
b. 1973., Musical Artist
b. 1969., Politician
b. 1974., Film Director
b. 1978., Actor
b. 1979., TV Personality

2. Victoria Junior College Primary school

1°18′23.6″N 103°55′14.2″E / 1.306556°N 103.920611°E / 1.306556; 103.

Type Elementary school
Institution colors
20 Marine Vista
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Institution social analysis

Notable alumni by gender

People attended Victoria Junior College connected by profession and/or age

b. 1972., Singer
b. 1972., Politician
b. 1977., Award competitor
b. 1986., Politician
b. 1983., TV Personality
b. 1984., TV Personality
b. 1990., Singer
Film Director


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