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Adam Thoroughgood (1604–1640) was a colonist and community leader in the Virginia Colony who helped settle the area of South Hampton Roads known in contemporary times as the independent city of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Young Thoroughgood was from a prominent family in King's Lynn, Norfolk, England, the ninth son of Rector of Grimston Rev. William Thorowgood, and baptised at St.Botolph's Church on July 14, 1604. Some of Henry Spelman's family lived in Congham, a mile to the north of Grimston and Adam heard about Spelman's exploits in Virginia. At the age of 18, he became an indentured servant to pay for passage to the Virginia Colony, a project of the Virginia Company of London at the time. Around 1622, he settled in an area south of the Chesapeake Bay and a few miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. This area had been passed by when the earlier settlements such as Jamestown where established beginning in 1607 in favour of locations further inland which would be less susceptible to attacks by other European forces, such as the Spanish. Serving his period of indenture, he returned to England, to return to Virginia with a wife and 105 men.

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April 27th, 1640 at age of 36


1.Thoroughgood House

National Register of Historic Places Location
The Adam Thoroughgood House is a brick house in located within the neighborhood of Thoroughgood, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It was at one time thought to have been built in 1636, but recent research has placed its construction ca. 1720. The building underwent major restorations in 1923 and in the 1950s and has served as a museum since opening to the public April 29, 1957. Much of the current structure was most likely the house of the great-grandson of Adam Thoroughgood. The City of Virginia Beach acquired the property in 2003. A 2004 grant application to the National Park Service resulted in a $150,000 award from the prestigious Save America’s Treasures program. The City matched that amount as required. This restoration took longer and cost more than expected, but the house reopened in May 2011.
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Virginia Beach, Virginia


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