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Addie "Micki" Harris (January 22, 1940 - June 10, 1982), was a member of the all-girl singing group The Shirelles. She died of a heart attack after performing a live show in Atlanta with The Shirelles at age 42.

Personal details

Date of birth
January 22nd, 1940
Date of death
June 10th, 1982 at age of 42


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Passaic High School is a four-year community public high school, serving students in ninth through twelfth grades from Passaic, in Passaic County, New Jersey, United States, operating as part of the Passaic City School District. The school has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Secondary Schools since 1928.

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Musical acts

1.The Shirelles Pop music, Doo-wop, Soul music, Girl group, Rock music, Rhythm and blues, Rock and roll

1957 - 1982

The Shirelles were an American girl group that achieved popularity in the early 1960s. They consisted of schoolmates Shirley Owens, Doris Coley, Addie "Micki" Harris, and Beverly Lee. They have been described as either the first African-American girl group to top the Billboard Hot 100, or the first girl group overall, with the song "Will You Love Me Tomorrow". Founded in 1957 for a talent show at their high school, they were signed by Florence Greenberg of Tiara Records. Their first single, "I Met Him on a Sunday", was released by Tiara and licensed by Decca Records in 1958. After a brief and unsuccessful period with Decca, they went with Greenberg to her newly formed company, Scepter Records. Working with Luther Dixon, the group rose to fame with "Tonight's the Night". After a successful period of collaboration with Dixon and promotion by Scepter, with seven top 20 hits, the Shirelles left Scepter in 1966. Afterwards, they were unable to maintain their previous popularity. The Shirelles have been described as having a "naive schoolgirl sound" that contrasted with the sexual themes of many of their songs. Several of their hits used strings and baiĆ£o-style music.

Member history

Member Role Start End
1957 1982
1957 1975
1957 1982
Kendra Spotswood
1964 1966
Louie Bethune
1982 1982

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