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Adrian Cola Rienzi (born Krishna Deonarine in 1905, died Desh Bandu (National Patriot) on July 21, 1972) was a Trinidad and Tobago trade unionist, politician and lawyer. He founded both the Oilfields Workers Trade Union and the All Trinidad Sugar Estates and Factory Workers Union, and was involved in the establishment of three other trade unions. He was also the first president of the Trinidad and Tobago Trades Union Council, from its foundation in 1938 until 1944. In addition to working for workers rights, Rienzi also worked hard for the rights of Indo-Trinidadians. He helped secure more employment of Indo-Trinidadians in the public service, the right to cremation, the recognition of Hindu and Muslim marriages and the establishment of schools by non-Christian religious groups. Rienzi also served four terms on the San Fernando Borough Council (three as Mayor of San Fernando) and represented Victoria on the Legislative Council from 1937-1944. He then worked in the public service as a Crown Counsel. Krishna Deonarine was born in the village of Palmyra, just east of San Fernando.

Personal details

Date of birth
Place of birth
Trinidad and Tobago
Date of death
July 21st, 1972 at age of 67
Places lived
Trinidad and Tobago
pop. 1,341,151 (2013)


1. Naparima College Secondary school

Naparima College is a secondary school for teenaged males in Trinidad and Tobago. Located in San Fernando, the school was founded in 1894, but did not receive official recognition until 1900. The was established by Dr. Kenneth J. Grant, a Canadian Presbyterian missionary working among the Indian population in Trinidad. The school was one of the first to educate Indo-Trinidadians and played an important role in the development of an Indo-Trinidadian professional class.

Type Secondary school
Lute Drive, San Fernando, San Fernando
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b. 1918., Politician
b. 1962., Flamenco Artist
b. 1926., U.S. Congressperson
b. 1992., Soccer Forward
b. 1923., Writer


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