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Adverse is an American hip hop artist known for his intellectually challenging lyrics and complex rhyme-schemes, syllabic placement and on-stage antics. A former debate-champion, his music is often informed and witty. Adverse usually produces his own music, using an MPC 2000, a technic 1300 turntable and one mic. Adverse first appeared when he won the 1997 Utah Mic Wrecka Battle. He met up with rapper Adeem (Glue (Hip Hop Artist), Scribble Jam champion, Maker, DJ DQ) and producer Shalem (Sage Francis' DJ and producer of the track Makeshift Patriot) in 1999 at the Scribble Jam in Cincinnati and the three formed the group The Dorian Three. The Dorian Three released two albums: their first, which was self-titled, included Adverse's freestyle track Mr. Bartender and the second, Down World Up Songs which includes the track Dirty Work. Shortly after, Adverse was made a member of the 1200 Hobos by Mr. Dibbs, a crew which also includes members of Anticon (Sole, Alias, Dose One), Slug (Atmosphere) and Buck 65. Adverse released his first solo album, Way With Words, in 2002,. This album is a collection of tracks Adverse made himself on an ADAT, reportedly freestyling most of the lyrics.

Musical acts

1.Dorian Three

Member history

Member Role Start End
MF Shalem

Music albums

Album title Release date Release type Recording type Recording length Additional artists Contributors
January 10th, 2011 Single on digital media
Rohan Walder
Way With Words

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