Ahmad Moftizadeh

Ahmad moftizadeh

Ahmad Moftizadeh (1933–1993) (Kurdish:کاکه ئه حمدی موفتی زاده-Kak Ahmed Moftizadeh Persian: علامہ احمد مفتی زاده) was an influential political and religious thinker among the Sunni Kurdish minority in Iranian Kurdistan. He is best known for his leading role in negotiating democratic freedoms for the Kurdish people in Iran during the country's Islamic Revolution. Moftizadeh led one of three major Kurdish factions during the Islamic Revolution that were demanding increased rights for Kurds in the new government. His negotiations ultimately failed and the new revolutionary authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran ordered the arrest of Moftizadeh and several of his followers. Moftizadeh died shortly after his release from prison in 1993 due to severe torture and mistreatment by Iranian prison authorities. Ahmad Moftizadeh was a Kurdish nationalist and Islamist leader that emerged during the Shah's rule of Iran just prior to the time of the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

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1993 at age of 60
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Tehran, Iran


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