Akram Ayyad Soccer Midfielder

Akram Ayyad Omar (born 23 November 1981) is a Libyan football midfielder. He currently plays for Al Ahly Benghazi, and is a member of the Libya national football team. Ayyad played for Al-Hilal (Benghazi) in the 2003–04 Arab Champions League.

Personal details

Date of birth
November 23rd, 1981
Place of birth
Places lived
Benghazi , Libya

Teams played 1

Al-Ahly Football

Al-Ahly Sports Cultural & Social Club (Arabic: النادي الأهلي الرياضي‎) is a Libyan football club based in Benghazi, Libya. Mohammed Bashir Al-Mogherbi was the first president of the club. Al-Ahly Benghazi has its roots in a political party, the Omar al Mukhtar society. The club won 5 cups in a successful period from 1980 to 1996. Al-Ahly Benghazi was made a professional football club in 1947, although they had existed years before then. Al Ahly is the most supported club in Benghazi and is famous in Libya for its passionate, loyal and sometimes violent crowds, who stood by the club through frustrating times. In 2000, the club's stadium was demolished by the Gaddafi-era government, destroying many old and traditional artifacts of the club. The demolition was apparently carried out in response to fans insulting Saadi Gaddafi by dressing a donkey in a shirt baring his squad number. The club was then given an indefinite ban which lasted until 2005. The club has been given 77 acres (310,000 m) of land) for a new ground, although it cannot afford to develop it. Al Ahly is one of the biggest derbies in Bengazi, and along with Tripoli's derby, the most prevalent in Libya.

General club info

Club founded 1947
Libyan Premier League

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