Al Brady

Al Brady (1911–1937) was an Indiana-born armed robber and murderer who became one of the FBI's "Public Enemies" in the 1930s. He and an accomplice were shot dead in an ambush by FBI agents in downtown Bangor, Maine, in 1937. The spectacular public gun-battle that led to the demise of "The Brady Gang" is an essential part of Maine folklore, and was even the subject of a re-enactment in 2007. Al Brady lost his father at age 2, his mother at age 16 and his stepfather at age 18. Two months after his stepfather's death he committed his first robbery, in Indianapolis, Indiana, in which he was shot and wounded. On release from jail, he teamed up with Clarence Lee Shaffer, Jr., James Dalhover, and Charles Geisking, and the gang proceeded to steal cars and commit armed robberies across Indiana, mostly of grocery stores. They eventually murdered a 23-year-old Indianapolis store clerk, and then an Indianapolis policeman Richard Rivers. The gang was also suspected of killing a Anderson, Indiana policeman in 1935. The four were captured in 1936, but Brady, Dalhover, and Shaffer escaped from a Greenfield, Indiana jail, and then robbed a bank in Goodland, Indiana in May 1937.

Personal details

Date of birth
Place of birth
Indiana, United States of America
Date of death
October 12th, 1937 at age of 26


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