Albert Francis Capone

Albert Francis Capone (December 4, 1918 — July 8, 2004), also known as Sonny, was the son of Al Capone. Albert Francis Capone was born in New York on December 4, 1918 to parents Al Capone and Mae Coughlin. He was born with congenital syphilis, which his father had contracted many years before. At the age of seven Albert developed a serious mastoiditis. Risky brain surgery was required. He survived, but was left partially deaf. On the boy's 10th birthday, the Capones threw a party for him, inviting 50 of his Catholic school friends. Al, not wanting to offend the already watchful authorities, stipulated that the children must bring signed parental permission slips. Few refused the invitation to this or other Capone gatherings. He went to high school in Miami with Desi Arnaz. Sonny married Diana Ruth Casey in 1941. They had four daughters: Veronica, Teresa, Barbara, and Patricia. They later divorced, and he remarried twice. In contrast to his father, Albert led a lawful life. Albert Francis died aged 85 in 2004 in Florida. He was buried in California.

Personal details

Date of birth
December 4th, 1918
Place of birth
Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
United States of America
Date of death
July 8th, 2004 at age of 85
Place of death
Florida, United States of America
Places lived
New York City , New York
pop. 8,405,837 (2013)
Brooklyn , New York
pop. 2,592,149 (2013)



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