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Alexander gottlieb baumgarten

Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten (July 17, 1714 – May 26, 1762) was a German philosopher. Baumgarten was born in Berlin as the fifth of seven sons of the pietist pastor of the garrison, Jacob Baumgarten and his wife Rosina Elisabeth. Both his parents died early and he was taught by Martin Georg Christgau where he learned Hebrew and became interested in Latin Poetry. Whilst words may change their meaning through cultural developments anyway, Baumgarten's reappraisal of aesthetics is often seen as the key moment in the development of aesthetic philosophy. Previously the word had merely meant 'sensibility' or 'responsiveness to stimulation of the senses' in its use by ancient writers. With the development of art as a commercial enterprise linked to the rise of a nouveau riche class across Europe, the purchasing of art inevitably lead to the question, 'what is good art'. Baumgarten developed aesthetics to mean the study of good and bad "taste," thus good and bad art, linking good taste with beauty. By trying to develop an idea of good and bad taste, he also in turn generated philosophical debate around this new meaning of aesthetics.

Personal details

Date of birth
July 17th, 1714
Place of birth
Berlin, Germany
Date of death
May 26th, 1762 at age of 47
Place of death
Frankfurt (Oder)
Places lived
Berlin , Germany
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