Alexandra von Dyhrn

Dr. Alexandra Maria Catharina von Dyhrn (8 September 1873 – 9 April 1945), was a German genealogist, author and the first woman in the province of Silesia to earn a doctorate in History. Alexandra was born in 1873 as a Countess of Dyhrn and Baroness of Schoenau at her family’s estate Reesewitz (district Oels, now Oleśnica) in the province of Silesia. Her family (lutheranian) was one of the most prominent aristocratic families of Prussia dating back to 13th century. The estate of Reesewitz, which has been in possession of the Dyhrn family since the 17th century, was enormous, but ruled from a quite small mansion in the middle of the property, where the family lived. Alexandra’s father, Count Conrad Johannes von Dyhrn, was a lieutenant colonel and a hereditary member of the Prussian House of Lords. He was a friend and a distant relative of Gustav Freytag, who often visited the family in Reesewitz. In 1872 Heinrich married Alexandra’s mother, a Dutch Baroness Cornelia Tilanus van der Hoop, who was a member of the famous and exceedingly wealthy Hoop (Hope) family, originally from Scotland.

Personal details

Date of birth
September 8th, 1873
Place of birth
Date of death
April 9th, 1945 at age of 71
Place of death


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