Alexandru Plămădeală Visual Artist

Alexandru plamadeala

Alexandru Plamădeală (1888–1940) was a Romanian/Moldovan sculptor. He was the artist responsible for the creation of the Stephen the Great Monument in Chişinău (1927). He graduated from the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Alexandru Plamădeală married Olga Suceveanu on September 19, 1923. He died in Chişinău in 1940.

Personal details

Date of birth
October 9th, 1888
Date of death
1940 at age of 51
Place of death
Chișinău, Moldova


1. Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture Educational Institution

The Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (Russian: Московское училище живописи, ваяния и зодчества, МУЖВЗ) was one of the largest educational institutions in Russia. The school was formed by the 1865 merger of a private art college, established in Moscow in 1832, and the Palace School of Architecture, established in 1749 by Dmitry Ukhtomsky. By the end of 19th century, it vied with the state-run St. Petersburg Academy of Arts for the title of the largest art school in the country. In the 20th century, art and architecture separated again, into the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow (Московский Художественный Институт имени Сурикова) and the Moscow Architectural Institute (Московский Архитектурный Институт); the latter occupies the historical School buildings in Rozhdestvenka Street.

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b. 1908., Visual Artist
b. 1943., Visual Artist
b. 1881., Visual Artist
b. 1890., Architect
b. 1893., Dramatist
b. 1885., Painting Artist
b. 1893., Painting Artist


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