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Ali Said Abdella (September 1949 – August 28, 2005) was an Eritrean rebel commander, politician and diplomat, who at the time of his death was serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Eritrea. Ali Said was the son of a shepherd. He was of Afar ethnic origin. As a young man, he joined the Eritrean Liberation Front, a rebel group which was fighting for Eritrean independence from Ethiopia. He received medical and military training in Syria in 1965 and soon returned to Eritrea where he was an active fighter. By the 1970s he had switched to Eritrea's other rebel group, the Eritrean People's Liberation Front and, in 1977, he became a member of the politburo of that organization. He was the commander of Nacfa front when the city was liberated in 1977. When Eritrea gained independence in the early 1990s, Ali Said served in the new government, becoming Minister of Internal Affairs. He was then appointed as Minister of Trade and Industry in February 1997. In October 2000, Ali Said was moved from his position as Minister of Trade and Industry to that of Minister of Foreign Affairs, switching jobs with Haile Woldense.

Personal details

Date of birth
September, 1949
Date of death
August 28th, 2005 at age of #<ArgumentError: invalid date>
Place of death
Asmara, Eritrea
Cause of death
Myocardial infarction

Political engagements

People's Front for Democracy and Justice

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The People's Front for Democracy and Justice is the current ruling political movement in Eritrea. Successor to the formerly Marxist-Leninist and African socialist Eritrean People's Liberation Front, the PFDJ holds itself open to nationalists of any political affiliation.

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