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Allasani Peddana (Telugu: అల్లసాని పెద్దన) (15th and 16th centuries CE) was a famous Telugu poet and was ranked as the foremost of the Astadiggajalu the title for the group of eight poets in the court of King Krishnadevaraya, a ruler of the Vijayanagara Empire. Peddana was a native of Somandepalli near Anantapur. He later moved Peddanapadu, a small village located at 5 km from Yerraguntla on Yerraguntla-Vempalli road in Kadapa District, which is an Agraharam given by Krishnadevaraya. Alternative sources say his birth place as Dornala village near the present day Srisailam. Still there are few remains around the village which strongly indicates about his presence in that area. He was a nandavariki Brahmin. First he was a smartha and then converted to vaishnavam by his guru sathakopa yati. He wrote the first major Prabandha, a form of fictional poetry in Telugu, and for this reason, he is revered as Andhra Kavithaa Pithaamahudu (literally the grand father of Telugu poetry). It is believed that he was also a minister in the king's court and is hence sometimes referred as Peddanaamaatya (Etymology: Peddana + Amaatya = Peddana, the minister).

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