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Ambrose Serle (1742–1812) was an English civil servant, diarist and writer of Christian prose and hymns. His The American Journal of Ambrose Serle, Secretary to Lord Howe 1776-1778 is a primary source in the history of the American Revolution. The Lord Howe concerned was Richard Howe, 1st Earl Howe. Ambrose Serle was the private secretary to the British general William Howe. He was the author of "Americans Against Liberty" a pamphlet published anonymously that defends the British Empire as a rightful and just government. It also criticizes the American colonists as enemies of the British public and opponents of the freedoms provided by Great Britain. He believed that the colonists' complaints against King George III were unimportant and were not a strong enough reason to revolt against the government. He thought that the colonies harmed England financially, but Britain had little choice but to govern and protect them. He was a strong loyalist and supported England greatly. This pamphlet talks of finances influenced the speeches of Lord North, an influential representative in Parliament, and an important figure for both sides in the revolution. While the pamphlets effects were less  ( Wikipedia article )


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