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Ambuya Mlambo (1924–2008) was a revolutionary Zimbabwean children's broadcaster, broadcasting radio and television programs for children before and after Zimbabwe's independence in 1980. She is to children in Zimbabwe as Mr Rogers was to children in the United States. Ambuya Mlambo was born in what was then known as then Southern Rhodesia. She was raised in an orphanage run by Christian missionaries after the death of her mother: her father dropped her off at the orphanage at the age of five along with her younger sister. Despite colonial iniquities and growing up in the harsh conditions of an orphanage, she graduated with a teaching diploma but was not allowed to teach by the British settlers. Ultimately she returned to school and received a diploma in nursing, and would serve as a nurse and midwife for black Zimbabweans. She distinguished herself as one one of the very few women of that time who would excel in education despite racism and sexism that was rampant during that time. She began broadcasting children's programs on a local channel in the late 1960s. Her shows were both educational and entertaining. She would write children's stories and read them on air.

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July 6th, 2008 at age of 84
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