Amir Muhammad Akhundzada

Amir Muhammad Akhundzada is the former Deputy Governor of Helmand Province, in Afghanistan. The Sunday Times (London) reported that the British government requested Mohammad Daoud should replace Amir Muhammad Akhundzada's brother Sher Mohammed Akhundzada as Helmand's governor before they sent 4,000 troops to Helmand. The British requested Daoud's replacement because he has a reputation for corruption, ties to Afghanistan's Opium industry, and ties to the Taliban. Some sources state that as much as 20% of the world's illicit opium comes from Helmand. The Sunday Times described the Hamid Karzai Presidency's appointment of Amir as Deputy Governor as one indication that they were trying to undermine Daoud's efforts to suppress the Opium Trade. Both Daoud and Amir were replaced on December 10, 2006.


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