Andrew C. Thornton II

Convicted criminal

Andrew C. Thornton II (1945–1985) was a head member of "The Company", a drug smuggling ring in Kentucky. The son of Carter and Peggy Thornton of Threave Main Stud farm in southern Bourbon County, Kentucky. Drew grew up living a privileged life in the Lexington, Kentucky area and attended the private Sayre School with many other Lexington blue bloods. He later transferred to Sewanee Military Academy and then joined the Army as a paratrooper. After quitting the Army, he became a Lexington police officer on the narcotics task force. He then attended the University of Kentucky Law School. During his tenure, he began smuggling . After resigning from the police in 1977, Thornton practiced law in Lexington. Four years later he was among 25 men accused in Fresno, Calif., in a theft of weapons from the China Lake Naval Weapons Center and of conspiring to smuggle 1,000 pounds of marijuana into the United States. Thornton left California after pleading innocent and was arrested as a fugitive in North Carolina, wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a pistol. He pleaded no contest at Fresno to a misdemeanor drug charge and the felony charges were dropped. He was sentenced to six months in  ( Wikipedia article )


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Known as
Andrew Thornton II
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University of Kentucky


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