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Dr Andrew Jukes (1847 - 28 April, 1931) was an Anglican missionary and doctor, who translated the Bible into the Saraiki language. Jukes was born in Canada, educated at Blundell's School and went on to receive his education as a doctor in Britain. In 1878 he was appointed as a medical missionary by one of the principal missionary organization of the Church of England, the Church Missionary Society (C.M.S). He was attached to society’s Punjab and Sindh mission, which covered virtually all of present day Pakistan. He was sent to Baloch mission at Dera Ghazi Khan where he stayed until 1906. Jukes' main work was the translation of the Bible into the local langugage. Here Jukes was fortunate in his assistant, Muhammad Hassan S /O Sher Muhammad. Jukes acknowledged his services on many occasions. Jukes continued his work both at the translation of books of the Bible and at the task of a full bilingual dictionary. He prepared the dictionary in two parts, that is to say, in both Siraiki-English and English-Siraiki. In 1898 the translation of the four Gospels were completed. Mr. Jukes's dictionary of the Jatki Punjabi language contains more than ten thousand entries. With the financial help  ( Wikipedia article )


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