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Anita Lerman (born July 16, 1944, in Brooklyn) is an American politician and member of the Independence Party of New York. She ran for Congress in New York City in 2006. Lerman was educated at Brooklyn College, Long Island University, and Hofstra University, obtaining the degrees of BA from Brooklyn, MA from Long Island University, and a PhD in psychology (1989). She was employed as a staff psychologist with the New York City Board of Education. Lerman joined the Independence Party immediately after it gained ballot status in 1994, becoming a member of the State Committee and Treasurer (later Vice Chair) of the Staten Island branch of the party. She was the party candidate in several elections. In many of the early elections involving the Independence Party Lerman battled with the Board of Elections to gain ballot status for party candidates on Staten Island, with the Board consistently claiming Lerman's petitions failed to abide by various rules. Lerman generally succeeded in getting her candidates on the ballot by going to court. Finally, in 1999 the Richmond County Independence Party tried to cross-endorse a Democrat, John Sollazo for an office. The Board rejected Lerman's  ( Wikipedia article )


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