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Ann Stephens (born 21 May 1931-1966) was a British actress, popular in the 1950s. She was born in London. In July 1941 she recorded several songs including a setting of one of A. A. Milne's verses about Christopher Robin: "Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace" which often featured on the BBC Light Programme's Children's Favourites.

Personal details

Date of birth
May 21st, 1931
Place of birth
London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Date of death
July 15th, 1966 at age of 35
Place of death
England, United Kingdom

Movie performances

1. Your Witness (1950)

Comedy, Crime, Drama
played Catherine Ann 'Sandy' Summerfield
Runtime Producers Directors Writers Top cast Awards Budget Movie on internet
Robert Montgomery
8 Show list

Your Witness is a 1950 British drama film directed by and starring Robert Montgomery. It also featured Leslie Banks, Felix Aylmer and Andrew Cruickshank. A leading American lawyer travels to London to defend an old friend from the Second World War who is facing a charge of murder. It was the last film of Leslie Banks.


Top cast

Alex Summerfield
Richard Beamish
The British Judge
Mr. Widgery
Samuel 'Sam' Baxter
Col. Roger Summerfield
Mary Baxter
Sir Adrian Horth K.C.
Subjects Music by Cinematographers Costumography Soundtrack Languages Country
Gerald Gibbs
United Kingdom

Guest TV appearances

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot

Program genre


External resources

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot is a British television series first broadcast in 1956, produced by Sapphire Films for ITC Entertainment and screened on the ITV network. The series starred William Russell as the eponymous Sir Lancelot, a Knight of the Round Table in the time of King Arthur at Camelot.nIt is one of the very few British television series ever to have been screened on one of the major broadcast networks in the US. Its success on NBC led to it becoming the first British television series ever to be produced in colour, the last fourteen of the thirty half-hour episodes being shot on colour stock, although they were seen in colour only in the US.nAs was common with other British television series of the time, the programme employed several American screenwriters who had moved to Britain after being placed on the Hollywood blacklist, often under pseudonyms. These included Ian McLellan Hunter and Ring Lardner Jr. The series was made at Nettlefold Studios in Walton-on-Thames.
Appearance history
Epizode Air date Role Writer Director
S01-E17 January 19th, 1957

The Count of Monte Cristo

Program genre

Adventure Film
Historical fiction

External resources

The Count of Monte Cristo was a 1956 ITC Entertainment/TPA television series adapted very loosely from the novel by Alexandre Dumas, adapted by Sidney Marshall. It premiered in the UK in early 1956 and ran for 39 thirty-minute episodes. The first twelve episodes were filmed in the United States, at the Hal Roach studios, with the rest being filmed at ITC's traditional home of Elstree.nA 5-disc DVD set containing all thirty-nine episodes was released by Network Studio on 12 April 2010.nITC produced a film based on the same source-material, The Count of Monte-Cristo, in 1975.
Appearance history
Epizode Air date Role Writer Director
S00-E09 April 16th, 1956


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