Anne Lovett

Anne Lovett was a fifteen year old schoolgirl from Granard, County Longford, Ireland who died giving birth beside a grotto on January 31 1984. Her baby son died at the same time and the story of her death opened up a seminal national debate in the country about women giving birth outside marriage. An inquest was held in Mullingar a few weeks later and found her death was due to irreversible shock caused by haemorrhage and exposure during childbirth. The circumstances of her death were mentioned in Dáil debates. In October 1987, Cry Before Dawn released a song titled 'Girl In The Ghetto', which had been written as 'Girl In The Grotto'. It is a reflection on the Anne Lovett story. 'Middle Of The Island', by Christy Moore, from his 1989 album 'Voyage', is another song examining the society in which Anne Lovett lived and how she could have died in such circumstances. The song also appears in the Christy Moore Box Set under the title 'Anne Lovett' and has also appeared on the Traveller album from 1999, where it was used to introduce 'The Well Below The Valley', recorded live at Glastonbury festival.

Personal details

Date of death
January, 1984


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