Annie Armstrong

Annie armstrong

Annie Armstrong (July 11, 1850 – December 20, 1938) was a lay Southern Baptist denominational leader instrumental in the founding of the Woman's Missionary Union. Annie Walker Armstrong was born in Baltimore, Maryland to tobacconist John Dunn Armstrong and his wife Mary Elizabeth Armstrong. She also had a brother named James. . She came from a long line of prominent Baptists including her great-great-grandfather Henry Satre who help establish the first Baptist church in Maryland. At the age of 20, she had a "born again" experience and joined Seventh Street Baptist Church in Maryland. Soon afterward, she was among 100 former Seventh Street Baptist Church members who established Eutaw Place Church (now Woodbrook Baptist Church). The church was pastored by Richard Fuller, the third president of the Southern Baptist Convention, who was heavily involved in missionary activities. It was at this church where Armstrong first became interested in missions, and she worked with various Baltimore missionary organizations ministering to African Americans, Native Americans, Chinese Americans immigrants, and indigent women.

Personal details

Date of birth
July 11th, 1850
Place of birth
Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America
Date of death
December 20th, 1938 at age of 88
Places lived
Baltimore , Maryland
pop. 622,104 (2013)


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