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Annie Kennedy Bidwell (1839–1918), with her husband John Bidwell, was a pioneer and founder of society in the Sacramento Valley area of California in the 19th century. She is also known for her contributions to social causes, such as women's suffrage, the temperance movement, and education. Annie Bidwell was a friend and correspondent of Susan B. Anthony, Frances Willard, and John Muir. Born Annie Ellicott Kennedy, she was the daughter of Joseph C. G. Kennedy, a politician in the Whig party, who served as director of the United States Census for 1850 and 1860. The Kennedy family lived in Washington, D.C. from Annie's 10th year. Annie Bidwell's strong religious beliefs motivated her to dedicate herself to social and moral causes. From her teenage years, she was associated with the Presbyterian Church. She was later to commission the building of a Presbyterian Church in Chico, California. Annie Kennedy married John Bidwell on April 16, 1868 in Washington, D.C. Their wedding guests included Elizabeth Cady Stanton, then President Andrew Johnson and future President Ulysses S. Grant. After their marriage, Annie returned with her new husband to his home in Chico, California. The Bidwell  ( Wikipedia article )


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