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Anthony D. Thomopoulos, is a well known in the motion picture and television industries for his innovation and achievements. Thomopoulos spent 12 years of his career at ABC, moving progressively from Vice President of Prime Time Programs, to President of ABC Entertainment, to President of ABC Broadcast Group. The son of Greek immigrants, he grew up in the Bronx. His dad owned a restaurant, young Tony was raised in the Greek Orthodox Church. After a high school aptitude test marked Thomopoulos as a potential diplomat, he applied to Georgetown University's Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. But while at the Washington university, he got interested in business instead. His first job out of college was as a mail clerk at NBC's New York headquarters. He rose rapidly from there into senior marketing jobs. His big break came in 1973, when Barry Diller hired him on at ABC to oversee prime-time programming. He was president of the entire broadcast group when he left the company in 1985 to become chairman of United Artists Pictures and supervise such productions as: Rain Man, Betrayed, Child's Play, Baby Boom, and James Bond XV. In 1989, Thomopoulos formed Thomopoulos Productions, an  ( Wikipedia article )


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