Armengol Ondo Nguema Politician

Armengol Ondo Nguema is the younger brother of Equatoguinean President Teodoro Obiang, as well as being head of the president's Israeli-trained security detail. He was, until recently, the head of national security. He may have been forced to retire from this position due to his business links to Nick du Toit, who was a leading figure in an abortive coup d'etat in 2004. Nguema shares ownership of Triple Options, a security company with du Toit. The president's son and likely heir, TeodorĂ­n Nguema Obiang, reportedly attacked his uncle after discovering the link. Armengol also owns vast properties in Virginia. He is bitterly opposed to the succession of his nephew to the presidency, and presents himself as a stalking horse contender.




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