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Aron (Bulgarian: Арон) was a Bulgarian noble, brother of Emperor Samuil of Bulgaria and third son of Comita Nikola, Duke of Sofia. After the fall of the eastern parts of the country under Byzantine occupation in 971, he and his three brothers David, Moses and Samuil continued the resistance to the west. They were called Comutopuli and ruled the country together, as the rightful heir to the throne, Boris II and Roman were imprisoned in Constantinople. The residence of Aron was Sofia situated on the main road between Constantinople and Western Europe. He had to defend the area from enemy invasions and attack the Byzantine territories in Thrace. In 976 in the beginning the major campaign against the Byzantine Empire, the two eldest brothers David and Moses perished but the Bulgarians achieved great successes including the return of north-eastern Bulgaria. During that time, the Byzantine Emperor Basil II had to fight both the Bulgarians and the dangerous rebellion under Bardas Skleros and he turned the customary means of the Byzantine policy: conspiracy. His attention concentrated to Aron, who was more dangerous at the time due to the proximity of his seat to Thrace;

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June 14th, 0976
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