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Arthur Kent (born December 27, 1953 in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada) is a Canadian television journalist. He rose to international prominence during the 1991 Persian Gulf War during which he acquired the nickname "The Scud Stud". He is the brother of Canada's Minister of the Environment Peter Kent and Alberta jurist Madam Justice C. Adele Kent. Kent was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta to the late Arthur Parker Kent, who worked for Southam Newspaper Group and retired as associated editor of the Calgary Herald. Kent graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and worked as an independent journalist and later with Canadian media outlets during the 1980s. He worked at NBC as a foreign correspondent and host of Dateline NBC from 1989 to 1992. After a contract dispute with NBC, he was fired in August 1992. He subsequently sued NBC for breach of contract, fraud, and defamation, a case that was settled in March 1994. Under the terms of the agreement, NBC paid Kent an undisclosed amount, and retracted prior statements about Kent and the dispute.

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Date of birth
December 27th, 1953
Place of birth
Medicine Hat




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