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Arthur L. "Art" Williams, Jr. is a billionaire insurance executive living in Palm Beach, Florida. He is the founder of A.L. Williams & Associates, known as Primerica Financial Services since 1991. Born on April 26, 1942 in Cairo, Georgia. He obtained his bachelor's degree in arts and sciences at Mississippi State University in Starkville, Mississippi and his master's degree in science from Auburn University. From his early days in high school Art always aspired to be a professional football coach. In 1965, Williams' father suddenly died of a heart attack. He had a whole life insurance policy that left their family underinsured. Five years later Art Williams' cousin Ted Harrison introduced to him the concept of term life insurance, a much cheaper and simpler alternative to whole life which at that time was almost never sold and rarely heard of outside the insurance industry. Williams was taken aback by the idea of not knowing that there was a choice when buying life insurance and described the whole conversation as "disturbing," recalling his father's death and referring to the fact that people had no idea of such a product.

Personal details

Date of birth
April 23rd, 1942
Place of birth
United States of America


1. Auburn University Colleges/University

Auburn University (AU or Auburn) is a public university located in Auburn, Alabama, United States. With more than 25,000 students and 1,200 faculty members, it is one of the largest universities in the state. Auburn was chartered on February 7, 1856, as the East Alabama Male College, a private liberal arts school affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. In 1872, the college became the state's first public land-grant university under the Morrill Act and was renamed the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama. In 1892, the college became the first four-year coeducational school in the state. The curriculum at the university originally focused on arts and agriculture. This trend changed under the guidance of Dr. William Leroy Broun, who taught classics and sciences and believed both disciplines were important in the overall growth of the university and the individual. The college was renamed the Alabama Polytechnic Institute (API) in 1899, largely because of Dr. Broun’s influence. The college continued expanding, and in 1960 its name was officially changed to Auburn University to acknowledge the varied academic programs and larger curriculum of a major university.

Institution info

Type Land-grant university
2012. 459 mil. $
2010. 411 mil. $
Institution colors
February 7th, 1856
23 Samford Hall, 36849 - Auburn, Alabama
2013. 19,799
2010. 20,221
2009. 19,926
2013. 5,065
2011. 5,023
2010. 4,857
Acceptance rate
2012. 77.2 %
2010. 70.0 %
Local tuition
2013. 9.85 K $
2011. 8.7 K $
2010. 7.9 K $
2009. 6.97 K $
2008. 6.5 K $
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People attended Auburn University connected by profession and/or age

b. 1943., Author
b. 1958., Author
b. 1945., Politician
b. 1944., Politician
b. 1940., Military Person
b. 1943., Military Person
b. 1940., Singer
b. 1945., Military Person

2. Mississippi State University Colleges/University

The Mississippi State University of Agriculture and Applied Science commonly known as Mississippi State University is a land-grant university located in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi, United States, partially in the town of Starkville and partially in an unincorporated area. Mississippi State, Mississippi, is the official designation for the area that encompasses the university.

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Type Public university
2012. 280 mil. $
2010. 291 mil. $
Institution colors
Lee Boulevard, 39762 - Starkville, Mississippi
2013. 16,399
2012. 16,390
2010. 15,543
2009. 14,602
2005. 12,555
2013. 3,762
2012. 3,975
2010. 4,101
2005. 3,546
2004. 3,439
Acceptance rate
2012. 69.3 %
2010. 63.0 %
Local tuition
2012. 6.26 K $
2011. 5.81 K $
2010. 5.46 K $
2009. 5.15 K $
2008. 5.15 K $
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People attended Mississippi State University connected by profession and/or age

b. 1945., Judge
b. 1943., Politician
b. 1943., Basketball Coach
b. 1947., Computer Scientist
b. 1941., U.S. Congressperson
b. 1938., American Football Player
b. 1939., American Football Halfback

Organizations founded

1. Primerica

Financial Services

Date funded

February 10th, 1977

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Lidership history

D. Richard Williams
1999- Chief Executive Officer
John A. Addison
1999- Chief Executive Officer

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1 Primerica Parkway, 30099 - Duluth, Georgia

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Primerica, Inc. is a distributor of financial services and sells products through representatives in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam. As of 2011, it was the largest independent financial services marketing organization in North America with 90,000 representatives. On March 15, 2013 the company moved to its new international headquarters at 1 Primerica Parkway, Duluth, Georgia. Primerica conducts business principally in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.


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