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Arthur Stanley Brown (20 May 1912 – 6 July 2002) was charged in 1998 for the 26 August 1970 rape and murder of Judith and Susan Mackay in Townsville, Queensland. The jury failed to reach a verdict and a new trial was blocked on the grounds that Brown was too senile to be tried again. Brown's arrest attracted wide publicity leading to a witness to the abduction of two children from Adelaide oval in 1973 identifying Brown as the man she had seen. Brown is considered a suspect for the Beaumont children disappearance based on the connections that have been made between him and the Adelaide oval abduction. Arthur Brown was born in Merinda, Queensland, on 20 May 1912 and moved to Townsville with his parents when he was four. Following the separation of his parents he moved to Melbourne, Victoria with his mother where he remained until he got a drivers licence when he moved back to Townsville and obtained work as a meatpacker. He was exempted from military service in World War II as his job was listed as a Reserved occupation and in 1946 became a maintenance carpenter with the Queensland Department of Public Works where he was known to his workmates as a polite, immaculately dressed man,  ( Wikipedia article )


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