Asif Maharammov Military Person

Asif Maharammov (Azerbaijani: Asif Yusif oğlu Məhərrəmov, Russian: Асиф Юсиф оглы Магеррамов June 26, 1952, Aghdam, Azerbaijan - July 1, 1994, Lachin, Azerbaijan), commonly known as Fred Asif, was an Azerbaijani Lieutenant colonel and National Hero of Azerbaijan. Born to an Azerbaijani working-class family in Aghdam, he was called Fred since childhood, based on Sigmund Freud due his good intellect despite his young age. After graduating from local school number 1 in Aghdam, poverty forced him to work as driver in electric manufacturing factory, by destroying his dream to be a jurist. After the tragic events of Black January, Maharramov created of voluntary self-defense groups, who with his personal participation rose to defend the Azerbaijani territories. He was appointed commander of the mine detectors military unit 859 in 7 March 1992 and freed the villages of Aranzəmin, Pirjamal and Dəhrəz from Armenian occupation. Few days later, along with his battalion, Maharammov went to the aid fighters in Fizuli, using BM-21 Grad causing big losses for enemy.

Personal details

Date of birth
June 26th, 1952
Place of birth
Date of death
1994 at age of 41
Place of death


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