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Audrey Stubbart (June 9, 1895–November 13, 2000) was an American centenarian who worked as a proofreader and newspaper columnist for The Independence Examiner until the age of 105. Prior to her death she was the oldest verified newspaper columnist, the oldest known full-time employee, and possibly the oldest user of the Internet. Stubbart was born Audrey Morford in Newman Grove, Nebraska. She was the second of five siblings, but with the death of her eldest sibling shortly after birth, Audrey became the oldest. She spent her early life in Newman Grove, Nebraska, close to an Indian reservation and could recount early experiences of encountering Sioux Indians in the decades following the Battle of Wounded Knee. The Morford family moved to Gordon, when Audrey was young. Soon afterwards, her father died at the age of 36, leaving his wife and four children destitute. Following his death, she and her mother moved along with her siblings to her uncle's house nearby and then, on his death, to the house of their grandparents in Malvern, Iowa. Stubbart was married at the age of 15 to a carpenter, John Stubbart, who was five years older than she. The couple moved to Wyoming where they had  ( Wikipedia article )


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