Auro Roselli

Auro Roselli, born in Pescara in 1921, was an Italian resistant, journalist, photographer, writer and inventor. Roselli grew up in a working class district of Turin. His father, Gherardo Roselli, was a sculptor, and his mother a homemaker. From his father and his teacher of Humanities, Gaudenzio Manfredi, he learned to question authority under Fascism. This landed him briefly in jail at age thirteen, his first political imprisonment. Growing up, he became attracted to the English language, Anglo American culture, and the international and liberal democratic vision they provided. A brief attendance at the University of Turin in the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures was interrupted in 1940 by military draft into the cadet officers’ course of the Alpini troops. There he was arrested on suspicion of having conspired against Fascism with some other students arrested in Turin. Roselli was tried in the Tribunale Speciale per la Difesa dello Stato in Rome, and sentenced to two and a half years in the penitentiary of Forte Urbano, in the Emilia region.

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