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Azim daudpota

Air Marshal Mohammed Azim Daudpota, commonly known as Azim Daudpota, (born 14 September 1933 in Bombay) was a three-star officer in the Pakistan Air Force who went on to briefly serve as Governor of Sindh. Daudpota joined the Royal Pakistan Air Force in 1951 and as a general duties pilot. The following year he commenced a course of training at Royal Australian Air Force Academy from where he graduated in 1955. After service as a pilot and then as Squadron Commander of numbers 15 and 17; he attended the PAF Staff College before serving on the staff of the Pakistani High Commission in Delhi. After a further period of training at the Royal College of Defence Studies in London, Daudpota commanded PAF Bases Rafiqui and Sargodha. In 1983 the Zimbabweans sought assistance from Pakistan as they wanted to replace the former Rhodesian officer who then headed up the Air Force of Zimbabwe. Daudpota was selected and served as Commander of the Air Force of Zimbabwe from July 1983 to January 1986. On his return to Pakistan, Daudpota became the Managing Director and Chairman Of Pakistan International Airlines from Jan 1986 to April 1990.

Personal details

Date of birth
September 14th, 1933
Place of birth
British Raj


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