Babu Genu Said

Bābu Genu Said (Marathi: बाबू गेनू सैद) (1908 – December 12, 1930) was an Indian freedom fighter, a revolutionary. Babu Genu Said was a worker in one of the cotton mills in Mumbai. He was an active participant in the protests, organized by Indian freedom fighters, against the import of foreign-made cloth. On December 12, 1930, a cloth merchant named George Frazier of Manchester was moving loads of foreign-made cloth from his shop in old Hanuman galli in the Fort region to Mumbai Port. He was given police protection per his request. The freedom fighters begged not to move the truck, but the police forced the protesters aside and managed to get the truck moving. Near Bhaangwadi on Kalbadevi Road, Babu Genu stood in front of the truck, shouting praises for Mahatma Gandhi. The police officer ordered the driver to drive the truck over Babu Genu. Babu Genu was crushed to death under the truck. This resulted in a huge wave of anger, strikes, and protests throughout Mumbai.

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December 12th, 1930 at age of 22


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