Balša I

Balsa i of zeta

Balša (Serbian: Балша) was a Serbian provincial Lord of the Zeta region in 1360–1362, subordinate the Serbian Emperor Uroš the Weak. He is the founder of the noble House of Balšić. Balša was a petty nobleman and millitary commander who held only one village during the rule of Emperor Dušan the Mighty (r. 1331–1355) but manages to expand his local power sometime after the death of Dušan (20 December 1355). He begins with taking lands previously held by Lord Žarko, (south of Lake Skadar, Lower Zeta), and is recognized as Oblastni gospodar (Lord) in charters of Emperor Uroš the Weak (r. 1355–1371). In 1362 his sons kill Head of Upper Zeta Đuraš Ilijić and expand further in Upper Zeta. He died the same year. He had three sons, Đurađ, Stracimir, and Balša II, two of whom ruled Zeta: Đurađ and Balša II.

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