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Balthazar armas

Balthazar Armas (Caracas, Venezuela, 1941) is considered one of the pioneers in the contemporary figurative art movement in Latin America, where the industrial and urban influence of his paintings makes them approachable and distinguishable. His most recent work has a postmodern influence that reflects in the presence of social narrative, indigenism and social criticism in his paintings. His most recent series, "Andé andé" (2003), "Botanica" (2007), and "Sobre el Vuelo" (2007), transmit the energy and mysticism of the people and environment of the cultures of Latin America. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, he started as a self-taught artist during the 1950s and participated in the movement of experimental theatre in Caracas at the Academy of Dramatic Art Carmen Antillano. A graduate student of the Neumann institute of graphic arts, and the Center of Graphic Studies (CEGRA) for engraving, Balthazar's first individual exhibitions go back to 1966. He has participated in numerous design, engraving and art exhibitions in Latin America, Europe and in the United States, including MOKA gallery in Chicago, Illinois.

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Caracas , Venezuela
pop. 2,104,423 (2011)


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