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Francisco Mañalac, popularly known as Bamboo Mañalac, is a Filipino musician and singer, who was known as the former vocalist of Filipino rock bands, Rivermaya and Bamboo, now performing as a solo artist. In 1993, Rivermaya was formed by PR practitioner Lizza Nakpil and film director Chito Roño, who planned on developing a musical group into a rock/show band. The band was originally formed under the name Xaga. The band evolved through a series of line-ups that included Nathan Azarcon on bass, Rico Blanco on keyboards and Perfecto de Castro on guitars. The initial drummer was replaced by former Bazurak bandmate and childhood friend, Mark Escueta. Bamboo was a schoolmate of Azarcon, who came on board as lead vocals. The band was managed by Lizza Nakpil and Chito Roño. With Mañalac as frontman, the band members decided to disband Xaga and re-establish the band as Rivermaya. They started developing original songs like "Ulan" (Rain), "214", and "Awit ng Kabataan" (Song of the Youth) in demo form for prospective recording companies. They were quickly signed to the Sony BMG Philippines label.

Personal details

Date of birth
January 19th, 1978
Place of birth
San Francisco, California, United States of America



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Musical acts

1.Bamboo Alternative rock, Hard rock, Rock music, Indie rock, Jazz fusion

2002 - 2011

Bamboo was a Filipino indie band founded in 2002 by Francisco "Bamboo" Mañalac, Ira Cruz, Nathan Azarcon and Vic Mercado.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Lead guitar 2002 2011
Bass guitar 2002 2011
Vic Mercado
Drums 2002 2011
Vocals 2002 2011


Album title Released Type
As the Music Plays 2004 Studio album
Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday 2008 Studio album

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2.Rivermaya Indie pop, Alternative rock, Pinoy rock, Pop music, Music of the Philippines, Hard rock, Pop rock, Grunge, Indie rock

1994 - 1998

Rivermaya is one of the most influential and critically acclaimed Filipino rock bands in the Philippines. Formed in 1994, they are one of the several bands who spearheaded the 90s Philippine alternative rock explosion. Rivermaya is currently composed of Mark Escueta, Mike Elgar, Ryan Peralta and Norby David. Former members included Rico Blanco, who had been the original songwriter of the band, and vocalist Bamboo Mañalac, who later formed the band Bamboo. Rivermaya is the fourteenth biggest-selling artists/act in the Philippines.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Mark Escueta
Percussion, Lead Vocals, Drums, Guitar 1994
Backing Vocals, Guitar, Lead Vocals, Keyboard 1994 2007
Lead Vocals 1994 1998
Backing Vocals, Guitar 1994 1995
Bass guitar, Backing Vocals 1994 2001
Mike Elgar
Lead Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar 2001
Bass guitar, Lead Vocals, Guitar 2001 2012
Victor Legaspi
Guitar 2001 2004
Jayson Fernandez
Lead Vocals, Guitar 2007 2011
Norby David
Bass guitar, Guitar, Lead Vocals 2011
Ryan Peralta
Percussion, Drums, Backing Vocals, Keyboard 2011
Norby David

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Music albums

Album title Release date Release type Recording type Recording length Additional artists Contributors
No Water, No Moon
Pop music, Rock music, Jazz
November 20th, 2011 Album


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