Basil Tarasko

Basil tarasko

Basil P Tarasko, 60, is a Ukrainian-American baseball coach from Bayside, New York. He is a member of the Ukrainian Sports Club of New York (YCK) and a member of USCAK, Ukrainian Sports Federation of the United States and Canada. He is also coach of the National Baseball Teams of Ukraine; a regular columnist (covering Eastern European Baseball) for the International Baseball Rundown magazine; district administrator of the Little Leagues in Ukraine and head baseball coach at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, N.Y. He also runs a website, where he promotes the game and sells baseball merchandise from his garage in Bayside. He is of Ukrainian descent and often travels to Ukraine to teach children baseball. He has been described as very influential in bringing the game to the former-Soviet country during a period of economic decline. Thanks to this, he is highly regarded amongst Ukrainians and is always welcomed back. He helped facilitate the Juvenile National Team's entry to the European Championship, in 1996, where they finished fifth. His passionate and patriotic approach to coaching has captured the imagination of the Ukrainian youth.


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