Bayan of the Merkid

Bayan of the Mergid (died 1340) was a Mongol general of the Mergid clan and official in the Yuan Dynasty. At the turn of the 13th/14th centuries he, together with the Turk El Temür, was a member of the group around Qaishan. Qaishan was a nephew of Temür Khan and appointed to defend Mongolia against the Chagatai Khanate under Kaidu, the grandson of Ogedei. In one battle, he repelled and chased the Ogedeid army; and was given the title of Baghatur. After Temür's death, Qaishan was the one who emerged as the new Yuan emperor, and Bayan was among those who received official positionas as reward. Later, Bayan was governour of Henan. Historians describe him as a traditionalist who attempted to preserve Mongolian culture while he is seen as violent aristocrat by some. In the conflicts about the succession of Tugh Temür Khan after 1332, Bayan broke with El Temür and supported Toghon Temür, who ascended the throne in 1333 (the same who would lose China in 1368). He was appointed commander of kheshig, composed of Mongols, Kypchaks, Russians and Asud in 1334. Until 1335 Bayan succeeded in annihilating El Temür's sons and family.


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