Belinda Mulrooney

Belinda Mulrooney (1872–1967) was an entrepreneur and purportedly the "richest woman in the Klondike". She made one fortune in the Klondike Gold Rush, lost it, and amassed a second, which lasted most of her life. Mulrooney was born in Ireland. When she was young, her family either emigrated to Pennsylvania, where her father worked as a miner in Scranton, or sent her to live with relatives there. She set out on her own and operated a sandwich stand during the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. With her profits, she traveled to San Francisco in 1894 to set up an ice cream parlor. Undaunted when she lost everything in a fire, she found employment as a stewardess on a Pacific Coast Steamship Company ship plying its route from California to Alaska, earning extra money by selling necessities and luxuries to the passengers. Discovery of gold at Juneau, Alaska motivated her to move north in 1896. Then came the Klondike Gold Rush to the east, in Canada.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1967 at age of 95


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