Beltrán Alfonso Osorio, 18th duke of Alburquerque Noble person

Beltrán Alfonso Osorio y Díez de Rivera, 18th Duke of Alburquerque, (15 December 1918 - 18 February 1994), 4 times Grandee of Spain, he was also Duke of Algete, Marquis of Alcañices, los Balbases, Cadreita, Cuéllar, Cullera and Montaos, Count of Fuensaldaña, Grajal, Huelma, Ledesma, la Torre, Villanueva de Cañedo and Villaumbrosa. This Spanish aristocrat was known as the "Iron Duke" of Alburquerque, and was an amateur horse jockey. The duke became obsessed with winning Britain's Grand National Steeplechase horse race when after watching a film of the race on his eighth birthday. However, each of his attempts ended in failure. At 57, the Iron Duke still tried to compete, but officials pulled his license for "his own safety". He never won the Grand National, but broke more bones than any other jockey in attempting to do so.

Personal details

Date of birth
December 15th, 1918
Date of death
1994 at age of 75

Noble titles

Noble title From To
Duke of Alburquerque


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