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Bernard S. “Bernie” Glieberman is the Chairman of Governmental Affairs & Public Policy of Home Renewal Systems LLC, an independent specialist in home rehabilitation and neighborhood stabilization, providing housing to families most in need. Bernard Glieberman was born in Detroit in 1939, into a family of builders and real estate developers. At the age of 17, upon the untimely death of his father, Bernie entered the family real estate business. His ensuing duties enabled him to only attend college part-time where he took classes in business and accounting. By age 21, Bernie had become a full partner in another Detroit real estate firm and was responsible for the purchase, development and management of apartments, single family homes and other properties. In 1970, he established his own firm, which would become known as Crosswinds Communities, Inc. The company’s initial projects were scattered-site construction, but soon Crosswinds was developing residential subdivisions. Bernie also undertook development and renovation projects.

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Place of birth
Detroit, Michigan, United States of America
Canada,United States of America


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